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Advantages Of Wireless Doorbells

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Wireless doorbells do not require wires to function.A wireless doorbell works using coded signals which are sent from the panel at the exterior door containing the bell button and to the wireless receivers which are inside the house. Whenever a visitor presses the button, the outdoor panel sends a signal to the bell inside, which causes the bell inside to ring and alert the homeowner of the visitor’s presence.

Advantages of using wireless doorbells in your home

Long rangehouse

Wireless doorbells often work long range, that is a frequency range of three hundred feet without any wiring. In a garden or a warehouse where there are no electrical connections, wireless doorbells work well. Also in a large mansion or an office space, the signal can pierce through walls, obstacles effortlessly and you can also connect multiple control panels to a single bell, thereby increasing efficiency.

Easy installation

Unlike a wired doorbell, which would require wiring and integration with previously existing connections, a wireless doorbell is very easy to install.Moreover, the wiring is expensive, and wires often ruin the look of your walls and the home interior.Thus a wireless doorbell is better and does not need additional wiring.


A traditional wired doorbell can be placed only at one point in the house, and often the doorbells ring is not audible from every room of the house. If you have headphones on or are watching television, you are liable to miss the ring. This problem is removed with a detachable doorbell which you can take with you to every corner of the room, wherever you are, and you will never miss another ring.

Remote access

The more expensive models can be controlled remotely through your smartphone or laptop. These models can record videos of the visitors, and you can alert your neighbors or the police if you see an intruder. Also if you’re on a trip, alerts can be sent from your doorbell panel to your phone whenever visitors show up.


Even when the power goes down, a wireless doorbell will keep working on its batteries. The doorbell can be set in low voltage mode where the battery is conserved. Round the clock service is usually provided and replacement of a defunct doorbell is as simple as installing a new one without interfering with any wires.

Cameras and security

These doorbells usuallsecurity camera y come with a camera attached to the outside, so that you can see who the
visitor is from inside on your control panel. They are also often equipped with a microphone and speaker, so you can communicate with the visitor before granting entry. This provides a lot of additional security.

In today’s world, it makes sense to invest in the additional protection of a wireless doorbell with its added security features. Also, they are easier to use and more convenient.…