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Features Of The Best Vacuum Cleaners To Manage Allergies

No matter how good you are at cleaning the house, there will come a time when there will be pet hair, mites that cause allergies, dust or dander which are going to lurk in the carpet. Based on new studies done by Good Housekeeping, the majority of modern homes experience about five allergies living inside their carpets that cause irritation, rashes, and asthma. You can control your allergies with a good vacuum especially if you have pets.

Picking a good vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleanerLuckily, you can lessen how much excess dirt and grime are there by picking a good vacuum cleaner ideal for your allergy. It is true that there are vacuum cleaners specially made to reduce allergies. For those suffering from asthma and hayfever, this is awesome, and if there are pets, these vacuums work well in getting rid of mites, fleas, and pet hair.

Over, around and under

It does not matter what kind of brand it is because most of the vacuum cleaners already come with several attachments or they can be placed in several positions, so the hard ones to reach are easy to clean. Whether you are attempting to clean a large couch, and you do not want to move your drapes, you are going to need an attachment, or extension to complete the task.

HEPA filtration

This is one of the things one must look for when buying a vacuum cleaner for allergies. If there is no HEPA filter, the vacuum will not have any use against allergens in the carpet. This type of filter can remove 99.97% of microns with a size of 0.3 and bigger ones in the air before it gets released back in the home.


If you don’t like it when the pet fleas are seen around, you need to choose a vacuum cleaner that works with minimal noise. Even if noise is not a significant factor in selecting a vacuum cleaner for asthma/ allergy, these models also come with the insulating materials, better fans and motors.

Beater bar

Beater barThe powerhead or power bar is another term for the beater bar, and it is a bristled tool for vacuuming meant for lifting a lot of dirt and hair out of the carpet. If there are pets around, this would be an awesome tool to get rid of pet hair inside the home. About 85% of the dirt and grime hiding under the carpet are removed by agitation. When this happens, it is advisable to use a roller brush and brush motor to get rid of additional allergens during regular vacuuming.

Obviously, there are a lot of considerations you need to make when buying a vacuum for allergies. Make sure to look for the Features of the best vacuum cleaners to manage allergies before making a purchase.…